Our tax consultants work closely with clients to deliver timely, high quality tax services to maximize tax planning opportunities and incentives and to find the best solutions to the challenges in the particular circumstances. 

While we have expertise in local tax regulations and with technical assistance, we can, with support from PKF worldwide network, advice on international tax matters and tax in other jurisdictions.

In Vietnam, our tax consultants can provide you with the following consulting services: 

Corporate income tax 

         Support annual tax declaration: license tax declaration, depreciation and amortisation method registration; other relevant services

         Support to print VAT invoices  first time: to register VAT invoice printing; letter of introducing person to work with tax authority

         Value added tax (VAT): filing monthly VAT returns, VAT refund applications, annual VAT finalisation reports; prepare the list of output and input invoices; Report on the use of invoices.

         Personal income tax (PIT): application for tax code; Calculate taxable income and PIT payable; PIT declaration and amendment (if any); annual PIT finalisation for each individual or organisation

         Corporate income tax (CIT): filing of CIT returns; tax review for identification of non-deductible expenses and tax incentives to estimate CIT payable

         Foreign contractor withholding tax (FCWT): registration of accounting system, application for tax code,ling and guidance on payment and finalisation. 

Tax impacts of the conversion of VAS to IFRS  

         Tax issues: introduce conversion and convergence activities; Tax accounting differences between VAS and IFRS; Convergence of VAS and IFRS in several key areas of accounting. 

         Training: Educate company staff about IFRS and its tax-related impacts. 

         Redomicilation of VN companies to jurisdictions with IFRS reporting requirements and issuance of the SEC’s proposed IFRS roadmap. 

Price transferring regulation advisory

Preliminary review of the transactions carried out by Group during the fiscal year and their related transfer pricing

policies; Review of the functions performed and risks assumed by each entity of group; Perform a review of the transfer pricing transactions within the group organization; Perform economic analyses for the intercompany transactions carried out by each entity mentioned above; and prepare transfer pricing documentation reports for the entities in the group.

  1. a.    Tax planning

Transaction planning to minimumize the payable tax in accordance with tax regulation. 

  1. b.    Tax analysis

Due diligence, analysis and review of tax finalization report.

Restructuring tax: analyzing information related to holding company and subsidiaries in order to determine whether restructuring firm, moving equipments or personnel can save tax expenditure on area range.

Analizing effects, which were made by change in tax regulation?